Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So, Zaborski's Emporium was massive and crazy and much more pricey than I had anticipated. Kingston is lovely, though, and I hope someday Newburgh can have that level of community pride.

Anyway, we received some pretty awful news on Friday. The City of Newburgh informed Eddie that he doesn't actually OWN the house we bought. The explanation from our lawyer-in-law:

“The title co, your insurer, is working on fixing the problem. The problem took place during a gap between the closing and the last search that was done by the title company before the closing. During that gap, the city foreclosed the tax lien for all those back unpaid taxes. Because it took place during the gap, the title co wasn't aware of it. Notwithstanding, you are insured for not only what you paid, but for the fair market value of the property. I had spoken with Eddie about this months ago, when we discovered the problem when the title co tried to file the deed taking you out of title AND you brought to our attention that you were unable to pay the taxes. The title company is "on it". In the meantime, do not spend any more money on this house until this is worked out.”

Crazy, right?? So everything is on hold - the grant application, the ARC approval for facade work, the historic preservation tax credit application....

Anyway, it wouldn't be an adventure without a few Fire Swamps and Pits of Despair.


  1. Okay, next time you go to Kingston, go here instead:

    Way less fancy (and way more chaotic) than Zaborski's, but also way less expensive and far more satisfying, somehow.

    Now, about the house and title issue...WTF!! I seriously have never heard of anyone having as many problems buying a house as you guys have had with yours. This is insanity!! I'm so sorry. I really hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

    That said, do you want to come over for dinner sometime? :)

  2. Anna! Thanks for the tip, we'll probably go back to Kingston after this house mess is cleared up. It does seem a little like we're cursed, but I'm pushing that thought out of my mind!! Anyway, I'll email you - we'd love to meet up again.

  3. Wow so sorry to hear that! How long do you think it'll take to get out of this problem?