Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Newburgh/New Paltz Weekend

This weekend we went up to New Paltz on Saturday and stayed at the cute hostel on Main Street. Only $60 a night! Unfortunately, it was also the weekend SUNY New Paltz students came back to school, so there was some mighty traffic.

We did a short hike to Splitting Rock swimming hole in the Shawangunk Mountains but didn't swim because it was freezing cold water (picture above).

For dinner, we took our friend Anna's tip and went to The Village Tea Room. SO AMAZING! Eddie had a sirloin steak with shallot herb vinaigrette, while I ordered the lamb tagine. Again, I can't wait to move up to Newburgh and enjoy all the Hudson Valley towns!

Sunday, we drove half an hour to Newburgh, had an awesome breakfast (thanks Anna and Evan!), and viewed one-bedroom apartments we found on Craigslist and with Chris, our realtor who should be on retainer. We're still trying to decide which apartment to rent, but it looks like we'll be in Newburgh on September 15!!!

And, since the City Council voted to return the title of the house to us, we'll be able to start work as soon as we get that matching grant and ARC approval. Hopefully.

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