Saturday, December 17, 2011


We're moving in this weekend to the top floor of our house, which will be the future rental unit. It's *almost* done, we're just waiting for the boilers to get connected and fired up. I'm upset about a few things, like the baseboard heaters being so flimsy and in installing it the crew mowed over one or two electrical outlets. If we had a bigger budget, I would have used Runtal baseboard heaters, which are much nicer with clean lines. C'est la vie pauvre. A few photos from the various stages of work:

Ugh, the worst room in the house: the bathroom. New vinyl window, new baseboard heating, but the tub is leftover from the previous cheap remodel, and the tiles are horrible. Since this photo, we've added a recycled toilet and recycled pedestal sink.

First bedroom, with refinished original floors, original base molding that needs to be fixed up, new aluminum-clad wood windows, and new baseboard heaters.

Second bedroom, refinished original floors, new baseboard heating, the original base molding, new vinyl window on the left, new aluminum clad wood window on the right, which faces the front of the house and therefore must be somewhat historic.

The living room with new vinyl windows, refinished original floors, new baseboard heating, new base trim and new matching window trim. It's not as ornate as the original, but we ran out of money. Maybe in the future we'll try to match the trim to what exists in the rest of the house.

Above is the kitchen with the new (cockeyed) baseboard heat and new bamboo floors. Since this photo, our contractor put together and installed the IKEA cabinets which look awesome. We prepped it for a washer/dryer combo on the left if the future tenant wants to buy and install their own set.

So, at least we are going to live in the house!!