Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grants for Newburgh

I came across three grant opportunities recently that I thought some organization in Newburgh would be interested in. One is for the City of Newburgh - maybe someone in the Planning and Development Office would be interested in applying?

Project Orange Thumb
Sponsored by Fiskars, 10 winners will receive $5,000 in cash and tools to support neighborhood beautification through community gardening, and one winner will receive a complete community garden makeover. The deadline to apply is December 31, 2010.

IBM Smart Cities Challenge
The application for the Smarter Cities Challenge must be signed by an executive officer of a municipality or local government, whose title varies by location – for example, s/he may be the mayor, city manager, chief administrative officer, county manager, county executive, etc. The most successful proposals will:
  • Describe 1-3 potential problems or opportunities to address with the grant

  • Provide clear, compelling evidence that the city is well positioned to utilize the resources offered in the Smarter Cities Challenge

  • Outline how a grant of IBM talent and technology has the potential to substantially enhance the city's capacity to act on key issues

  • Highlight recent efforts to develop innovative solutions to public problems, including any initiatives to implement new technologies or open data policies

  • Demonstrate the city is ready to match IBM's investment with its own commitment of time and talent, including access to the city agencies and personnel relevant to the project
The deadline to apply is December 31, 2010.

JPMorgan Chase
The bank supports non-profits in communities where there is a Chase presence, and Newburgh definitely fits. You have to root around on the website a little to get the full scope of what they will support, but briefly, they support green initiatives (green building, green jobs, sustainable development), employment training, affordable housing, education, and arts and culture. I've included wording directly from their website:

Targeting Challenged Neighborhoods

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation directs the majority of its time, attention and investment toward specific neighborhoods in cities where we have major operations. These neighborhoods are typically among the most challenged areas of major urban centers, defined by unacceptably high rates of poverty and historic disinvestment. JPMorgan Chase works to lead a renaissance in the neighborhood, by engaging the most qualified non-profit organizations, neighborhood residents, and other sources of public and private advocacy and funding.

The firm's philanthropic investment in these targeted neighborhoods is predominantly focused in three centers of excellence:

Community Development

Our strategic focus is to work with community-based partners to address issues related to poverty and social exclusion by building economic infrastructure, promoting self-sufficiency, and supporting efforts to narrow social inequities.

What we support:

  1. Resident-focused programming that addresses: workforce development; asset building, and financial literacy:
    • Continuing Education Courses
    • Adult Literacy Outreach
    • Job Training
    • Money Management Basics
    • Credit Repair
    • EITC Workshops
    • Homeownership / Homebuyer Workshops
    • Foreclosure Prevention
  2. Community-focused programming that addresses: economic development and affordable housing:
    • Economic Planning
    • Small Business Technical Assistance & Financing
    • Job Creation
    • Affordable Housing Development & Preservation


Our strategic focus is to ensure that all children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, have access to high quality educational opportunities with a particular focus on K-12 public schools that help them acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be productive, engaged students.

What we support:

  1. Development of instructional leaders
  2. Implementation of innovative curricula
  3. Deepen teacher content knowledge
  4. Strengthening of instructional strategies
  5. Strengthening district capacity to support innovation
  6. Extending learning opportunities
  7. College access initiatives
  8. Dissemination of best practices

Arts & Culture

Our strategic focus is to increase community access to rich cultural resources that foster creativity, promote self-expression, celebrate diversity, and strengthen our environment.

What we support:

  1. Arts programs in schools and after school
  2. Build capacity of community-based arts institutions
  3. Broaden access to artistic excellence and diversity by partnering with major arts and culture groups


  1. You are collecting an awesome amount of grant info! Love it!

  2. Thanks! I just hope people can use this information. Maybe I should try forwarding it to specific organizations and government agencies...