Sunday, May 2, 2010

Financial Update

We're back from Hawaii and ready to tackle the house! A few pieces of bad news.

First, we didn't get the Mount Saint Mary/St. Luke's Hospital Grant. After going through the trouble of taking the Pathstone first-time homebuyer's course and sending in the application last year, Pathstone dropped the ball and forgot about us. They were waiting for the grant to be available to non-employees of Mount Saint Mary and St. Luke's Hospital. When that happened at the end of the summer, they didn't tell us. I spoke with the community liason/grant administrator at Mount Saint Mary and she said she never received our application. Now that we've closed on the house, we're no longer eligible.

Second, it turns out that we have serious plumbing problems. The water main is cracked and we have to hire an excavator to repair it before we can run pipes into the house.

Third, the City of Newburgh cited us two violations which had existed for the two years that the house was on the market and owned by the bank, but they never cited the bank for it.

Fourth, in our first weekend back there was a pitbull chained to the house and a stolen ATV in our driveway. Oh, and a shrine to someone who died (was killed?) right next door.

A few good things have happened, too:

Our next door homeowner helped us when we had to build a fence between our two properties. He provided barrels of water for the cement.

A wonderful Newburghian and his partner donated solid Victorian doors to us from their collection.

Community members have been introducing themselves (many from NCAC) and offering help, services, and information.

We found the best BBQ place - Brothers BBQ in Greater Newburgh/ New Windsor. The chopped bbq and ribs were crazy good, as well as the collard greens.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Ugh! All of that (well, most of it) sounds pretty crummy. I'm so sorry. :\ At some point, the good WILL start to outweigh the bad, though, I promise.

    I'll email you tonight...

  2. Uff that stinks! But I am really happy you were able to see a silver lining in it all! You can't prove you sent the application via receipts or anything? Keep trying!

  3. Their is a Porter's chair for auction at the Housing Works website.

  4. Hi Anna - Thanks for the light at the end of the tunnel. I'll try emailing you again, too!

    NR - Yeah, and we're going to apply for the preservation tax credits. This time I'll make sure to record everything.

    Pricilla - thanks for the tip! The auction ends today...maybe I'll have a porter's chair by tonight.