Friday, September 11, 2009


Ah, fall. When the slate is clean, again. Well, we pressed the rewind button, and we're where we were exactly a year ago. Eddie just found a job and we're attempting to buy a house. The only difference is that I'm in a social work program and now I have an internship on weekends, so I don't have any time to spend on a fixer-upper. We'll have to look at houses that are move-in ready. In many ways, this makes the prospect of buying a house less exciting.

One of the two properties we're going to look at tomorrow:

Unfortunately, it's not move-in ready, as our realtor revealed to us only after we decided it's perfect for us. It needs new plumbing and electrical wiring, but we're going to take a look anyway since it's in a great location (river views!!!).

Then the second place is only a few blocks away:

Anyhow, we're back in the market!!


  1. How did you like the two houses? Both look lovely in the pics.

  2. How did you like the houses? I'm also a Brooklynite and have actually viewed the one overlooking the water and it needs quite a bit of work, though I guess you saw that yourself. Beautiful but extensive water damage, needs new kitchen, etc. Good luck in your search. Newburgh has some beautiful homes.

  3. the one overlooking the water had its charms...i just couldn't overlook the fake wood flooring laid over carpeting. or the creepy, fully intact office in the attic that belonged to freud's ghost. and the mold in the basement was probably a drawback as well. i hope you find something, though!