Thursday, April 9, 2009


We have the cutest house on the block. Srsly.

The bedroom:

Close-up of the fireplace:

One of the three fireplaces on the first floor (coal burning):

The living room - these windows face the front of the house:

French doors opening to the hallway. The light on the left is coming from the front door:

The bank is supposed to give an unconditional commitment by April 15th. After that, there is a pretty high chance of closing. Whoo-hoo!


  1. Came on over from a D16 post - your house is AMAZING! I am totally in love, love, love with it and hope your rehab work starts soon. There will be many, many photos, right?

  2. Your home looks just like the home on Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends! How adorable!

  3. Score! Congratulations. I found you through Anna's blog and am excited to see where you go with this place - it looks amazing.

  4. I will definitely post more photos as soon as we get our contractors approved. Thanks for the support.

    And, Asia, yes! You found what I couldn't - the perfect way to describe the house. I was trying to think of a comparison - Amelia Bedelia's house? Wendy's house in Peter Pan?